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Jewish Mausoleums

Jewish Mausoleums
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We offer a full line of Pre-Fabricated Mausoleums as well as Custom Designed Family Mausoleums to fit any budget. 
Everlasting Remembrance:  Distinctively designed personal mausoleums provide exclusive above-ground entombment.  Though mausoleums were once reserved for only the wealthy, they are now an affordable option for everyone.  Monuments By Riverside produces mausoleums with the highest quality granite available.  A Private Estate Mausoleum from Monuments By Riverside will eternally reflect a successful life well lived.
A Wise Investment Choice:  Purchasing a Private Estate Mausoleum from Monuments By Riverside allows you to make a sensible, planned investment, ensuring one less major decision at a time of great stress and emotion.  By purchasing your Private Estate Mausoleum before the need arises, you reduce estate taxes, eliminate the need for other memorials and avoid costly vaults and expenses of underground burial.  All of these factors combine to make the cost of above ground mausoleum entombment comparable to that of traditional burial.
Pre-assembled Mausoleums
Choose a pre-constructed one to six-crypt mausoleum to memorialize an individual or an entire family.  These affordable units are delivered to your cemetery site pre-assembled and ready for placement.  They provide priviate, permanent security and protection from the elements.
Custom Designed Mausoleums
Comprehensive architectural design and intricate personalized symbols add magnificent beauty to a customized designed Private Estate Family Mausoleum.  These handsome buildings attest to the character, success and achievement of an individual or family.  A lifetime of accomplishments can be captured for posterity in these elegant granite buildings.  A custom designed mausoleum truly exalts the prestige of the family for whom it stands.


Berry - Preassembled 1 crypt


Beeler - Preassembled 2 crypt


Nahan - Preassembled 2 crypt


Scott - Preassembled 2 crypt


Lewis - Preassembled 4 crypt


Olsen - Preassembled 3 crypt


Pearson - Vestibule Preassembled


T.E. Alexander - Vestibule Preassembled


Emrich - Vestibule Preassembled


Manov - Custom Design


Alexander - Custom Design


Eagle  #7051Custom Design


Marshall - Custom Design


Lawrence - Custom Design


Piano - Custom Design


Englund - Custom Design


Kellner - Custom Design


Carlin - Custom Design

Please contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your mausoleum options.
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